A Wellness Center for Everyone

The mission of Berlin Fitness 24/7 is to provide a multitude of fitness-focused opportunities for community members to participate in to maintain their health and reach their wellness goals. With clients ranging from as young as 12 years to almost 90, our gym offers something for everyone’s fitness level. Pam loves to promote physical activity as a way to manage weight, chronic health conditions, and mental wellbeing. Our bodies were meant to move, and having a safe and comfortable place to work out is a vital part of a healthy community.


About Our Gym Owner

Pam Alf, COTA is the owner of Berlin Fitness, a community wellness center located at the Green Tree Mall in Berlin, WI. She has more than 15 years of experience helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. She has owned Berlin Fitness since 2015 when she decided to break away from healthcare and promote community wellness as a gym owner. Pam is a Certified Personal Trainer and has been teaching fitness classes for more than 5 years now.